Install Skype - TalkEnglishClass

How can you install Skype?

Easy to setup

To start up with your Skype you only need two things, Skype software and a headset.
But nowadays, computers have built-in microphones so you don’t need to buy or use a headset.
If you have a smartphone or tablet you can now join the class.

Step 1. Install Skype

Enter the official Skype site and click the “Download“ menu for Skype setup application to your computer. Then, choose the correct platform and download Skype setup file and start installing. You can finish the installation in a few steps.

Step 2. Sign up with Skype

Launch the Skype application, and you should see a screen like the picture posted on the left side of this page. If you don’t have a Skype account please click ”Create an account“ and fill in the information in the “Sign up” button. After you have successfully created your own account you can sign in to Skype with your account.

Step 3. Check your microphone

In the menu bar, click Tools → Options → Audio Settings. If it lights up and moves while you are speaking it means your microphone is working well . If it is not working correctly please click,  check the official support page of Skype.

Step 4. Adding TalkEnglishClass Skype account

Click the “Add a Contact” button, then type “Live Chat TalkEnglishClass“ and add us to your Skype. It’s our official helpdesk account, we will help you with any concerns or questions about studying with us.